Comp-XM has four decision rounds. Each round, you will enter a set of decisions via the Comp-XM Spreadsheet.

In the standard Comp-XM setup, each round you will also answer the Board Queries posed by the board of directors. At the end of the simulation, you will answer a fi fth set of Board Queries, but no

decisions will be required (Table 1.1). Decisions and Board Queries require the Comp-XM Inquirer.

Table 1.1 Standard Comp-XM Schedule

Round Activities Material Needed

1 Round 1 Decisions Board Query 1

Round 0 Comp-XM Inquirer

2 Round 2 Decisions Board Query 2

Round 1 Comp-XM Inquirer

3 Round 3 Decisions Board Query 3

Round 2 Comp-XM Inquirer

4 Round 4 Decisions Board Query 4

Round 3 Comp-XM Inquirer

Final No Decisions Final Board Query

Round 4 Comp-XM Inquirer

Your instructor can confi gure Comp-XM to have fewer

Board Queries.

1.3 Differences From Your Previous Simulation

Comp-XM has four market segments:

• Thrift • Core • Nano • Elite

Comp-XM TQM (Total Quality Management)/Sustainability and Human Resources Modules are active in Round 1.

The segment circles start the simulation in the middle of the Perceptual Map before drifting to the lower right (Figures 1.1 – 1.3).

Figure 1.1 Segment Positions at the End of Round 0 and the Beginning of Round 1

Figure 1.2 Segment Positions at the End of Round 2 and the Beginning of Round 3

Figure 1.3 Segment Positions at the End of Round 4


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