Related and Supporting Industries

10.3 Related and Supporting Industries

10.3.1 Rides/Attraction Manufacturers

This industry outputs the attractions and rides of Disney Parks and Resorts, and

provide maintenance service consistently to keep them functioning.

10.3.2 Transportation

Disney Parks and Resorts cover a large area of land, which would not be located

in the city center, but more likely to be somewhere outside the city where people are

harder to get to. In that case, public transport such as railways, subways, metros, buses,

and etc, are moving Disney’s guest to the parks. Good transportation system comes in


10.3.3 Food

Disney Parks and Resorts provides its guests with delicious cuisines, which

would be provided by contracted food companies, or Disney would purchase large

bulks of ingredients and have Disney’s own restaurant chefs deal with them. Either

way, the food industry is closely working with Disney Parks and Resorts.

10.3.4 Tourism Industry

This industry would be both supporting and benefiting from Disney Parks and

The Walt Disney Company Case Study

93 FCU e-Paper (2016-2017)

Resorts. On one hand, Disney Parks are always a big selling point for travel agencies

to promote their scheduled trips, on the other hand, travel agencies are where a large

portion of ticket sales are attributed to. The two operate in symbiosis.

10.3.5 Consumer Merchandises

Disney Parks and Resorts also sell Disney merchandises in their many stores

inside the park. Outside featured rides such as Space Mountain, there would be stores

selling Star War themed souvenirs. It is a synergy created within Disney itself, and

also between industries.

10.4 Firm strategy, structure, and rivalry

10.4.1 Firm strategy

Disney parks and resorts has a mission is that they would like to give their guests

to create good memories with families, friends, and even their lovers. In Disney parks

and resorts, they use their own story and character, and combine with the innovative

technology to let the guests be addicted to it and come and visit more time. Disney

want to make people happiness and sale happiness to people.

10.4.2 Firm structure

Disney has perfectly management mode, regularly staff training, the established

history, for example: Disney engineer department is some of the technology

development of the pioneer. Disney’s characters are deeply rooted in the hearts of

adults and children, parents have a common growth experience, so Disney’s brand

image has deeply rooted.

The Walt Disney Company Case Study

94 FCU e-Paper (2016-2017)

10.4.3 Rivalry

With the development of technology, the requirement of the quality of the

recreation on leisure relatively upgrade, the theme parks which combine with modern

technology and the overall marketing have replaced the traditional amusement park.

In this industry in USA, Disney has two basic competitors, one is Six Flags; the

other is Universal. Six Flags operates all over in USA, with a total of 11 different

locations; outside of USA, it also has park in China and Dubai. Six Flags are different

to Disney Parks and Resorts, Six Flags is sensation-based amusement parks, almost no

themes and stories into their rides. About the Universal, Universal has 4 locations in

the world, which is California, Florida, Tokyo, and Singapore. Universal is distributed

all over the world. Inside the Universal, there have sensation and theme parks. I think

Disney Parks and Resorts and the Universal are competitor forever, because they have

different rides and theme in their parks, so they will attract different visitors to enter

the park.

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