Strategic Management


Strategic Management

HR Strategy II: Strategic Management

Fall 2018


Instructor: Rebecca Kehoe

Office: 211 Janice H. Levin Building

Email: [email protected]

Office Phone: 848-445-5442

Office Hours: By appointment


Course Overview


How do some firms gain sustainable competitive advantage over industry rivals while others

struggle to simply survive? How do factors such as a firm’s internal and external environment

impact their selection and implementation of strategy? How do new firms effectively plan and

execute strategies that will enable them to successfully compete against established firms? How

do some firms align activities in a manner that supports their chosen strategies while others seem

to frequently struggle with issues of alignment? These are some examples of the types of

questions we will seek to answer in our study of strategic management. The course attempts to

encourage an integrated, cross-functional perspective to develop analytical and decision making

skills needed to cope with organizational uncertainties and business realities. To achieve these

objectives, a balance of theory and practice will be applied in the form of textbook readings and

discussions mixed in with real life business examples and cases.



Course Requirements and Grading


Your grade for this course will depend on your performance across several different activities. In

addition to scoring well on exams, successful performance requires that you complete assigned

readings, participate in class and case discussions and exercises, and perform well on case

analyses and class presentations. Final course grades will be computed as follows:


89.5 to 100 A

86.5-89.49 B+

79.5-86.49 B

76.5-79.49 C+

69.5-76.49 C

Below 69.5 F


Individual Participation 15%

Individual Case Analysis 15%

Team Case Presentations 20%

Team Project (Part 1: 10%; Part 2: 15%) 25%

In-class Exam 25%

Total 100%



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