Other methods; individual choice Blood and blood products

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Abortion Forbidden Artificial insemination Forbidden Autopsy Acceptable if required by law Birth control Sterilization forbidden

Other methods; individual choice Blood and blood products


Diet Abstain from tobacco, moderate use of alcohol Euthanasia Forbidden Healing beliefs Faith healing forbidden

Table 6–1 continued


134 ■ Chapter 6

Healing practices Reading Scriptures can comfort the individual and lead to mental and spiritual healing

Medications Accepted except if derived from blood products Organ donations Forbidden Right-to-die issues Use of extraordinary means is an individual’s choice Surgical procedures Not opposed, but administration of blood during surgery is

strictly prohibited Visitors Members of congregation and elders pray for the sick person

Judaism “O Lord, my God, I cried to Thee for help and Thou has healed me.”

Abortion Therapeutic permitted; some groups accept abortion on demand; seek rabbinical consultation

Artificial insemination Permitted Autopsy Permitted under certain circumstances

All body parts must be buried together—seek rabbinical consultation

Birth control Permissible, except with orthodox Jews—seek rabbinical consultation

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