Blood and blood products


Blood and blood products


Diet Strict dietary laws followed by many Jews—milk and meat not mixed; predatory fowl, shellfish, and pork products forbidden; kosher products only may be requested

Euthanasia Active euthanasia prohibited—passive euthanasia—not prolonging life may be acceptable—nutrition a basic need—not withheld—seek rabbinical consultation

Healing beliefs Medical care expected Healing practices Prayers for the sick Medications No restrictions Organ donations Complex issue; some practiced—seek rabbinical consultation Right-to-die issues Right to die with dignity

If death is inevitable, no new procedures need to be undertaken, but those ongoing must continue

Surgical procedures Most allowed Visitors Family, friends, rabbi, many community services


Abortion Therapeutic acceptable Artificial insemination Individual conscience; husband to wife Autopsy Acceptable Birth control Acceptable Blood and blood products


Diet No specific restrictions Euthanasia Not condoned Healing beliefs Part of God’s work

Table 6–1 continued

HEALING Traditions ■ 135

Healing practices Prayer and anointing with oil Medications No restrictions Organ donations Acceptable Right-to-die issues Do not believe life must be continued at all cost Surgical procedures No restrictions Visitors Family, community

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