The Relief Society helps members

The Relief Society helps members

Hinduism “Enricher, Healer of disease, be a good friend to us.”

Abortion No policy exists Artificial insemination No restrictions exist but not often practiced

Table 6–1 continued

HEALING Traditions ■ 133

Autopsy Acceptable Birth control All types acceptable Blood and blood products


Diet Eating of meat is forbidden Euthanasia Not practiced Healing beliefs Some believe in faith healing Healing practices Traditional faith healing system Medications Acceptable Organ donations Acceptable Right-to-die issues No restrictions

Death seen as “one more step to nirvana” Surgical procedures With an amputation, the loss of limb is seen as due to “sins

in a previous life” Visitors Members of family, community, and priest support

Islam “The Lord of the world created me—and when I am sick, He healeth me.”

Abortion Not accepted Artificial insemination Permitted between husband and wife Autopsy Permitted for medical and legal purposes Birth control Acceptable Blood and blood products

No restrictions

Diet Pork and alcohol prohibited Euthanasia Not acceptable Healing beliefs Faith healing generally not acceptable Healing practices Some use of herbal remedies and faith healing Medications No restrictions Organ donations Controversial; must be discussed with family Right-to-die issues Attempts to shorten life prohibited Surgical procedures Most permitted Visitors Family and friends provide support

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