Diagnostic Impression:

Diagnostic Impression:

Paranoid Personality Disorder: 301.0 (F60.0)- Primary Diagnosis

Paranoid Personality disorder is associated with a pattern of enormous distrust and suspicion towards people, which results in impairment in the misinterpretation of others’ intentions causing violent and criminal behaviors (Doustkam etal., 2017). Paranoid personality is known to begin in early childhood, and the patient confirmed her symptoms started when she was about 22 years old. Symptoms linked with this disorder include suspecting people of harm without enough evidence, unjustified doubts of trustworthiness and reliability of companions, reading frightening meanings into friendly comments, and always bearing grudges towards other people, difficulty confiding in others due to the fear of the information being spitefully used and the perception that attacks are directed to their character or reputation that are not directed towards others and quick anger. The patient reported all the above symptoms which led to my selecting paranoid personality disorder as my primary disorder.

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