If you were a warden, how would you handle long-term prisoners?

If you were a warden, how would you handle long-term prisoners?


Prison Wardens are employed in correctional facilities to manage day-to-day activities. They oversee and train staff, set goals and timeframes, develop prison policies, and ensure staff obey all governmental laws.


Early views of the impact of serving time in prison depict a process of systematic destruction of the person among offenders sentenced to long term. Recent research, however, suggests that this deterministic view is simplistic—the impact of incarceration being highly variable. The prisoner’s ability to invoke various adaptive strategies may serve to diminish the deleterious effects of incarceration.


If I were a Prison Warden, I would implement wholesome policies regarding the principal deprivations faced by long-term prisoners related to time management, maintenance of family and other extra prison relationships, and the preservation of self-identity and self-esteem. 


Although these concerns are similar to the pains of imprisonment felt by all inmates, the time factor amplifies these deprivations in the case of long-term prisoners.


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