Visions Most common method for disposing of body

Visions Most common method for disposing of body

HEALING Traditions ■ 151

Religious Group

Is There a Heaven?

What Is Heaven Like?

Belief in Resurrection?

Recognition of Friends and Relatives

Is Cremation Allowed?

Jews Place where anxiety and travail are ended

Quiet, peaceful intellectual activity takes place

Yes, some only in soul

Yes Not practiced

Lutherans Believe in heaven

Nature unknown

Physical Yes Yes

Mormons There are 3 “degrees of glory”

Places of continuing growth and progress

Yes Yes Yes, but not encouraged

Muslims Several layers, usually 7

A garden Describe afterlife as physical pains and pleasures

Some believe families are reunited

Not practiced

Roman Catholics

A condition: eternal full- ness of life

Supreme happiness flowing from intimacy with God

Physical Entire community together

Disposal of body does not affect afterlife

Seventh-day Adventists

A being in the presence of God

Will be located in the renewed earth

Glorified body will be resurrected for life to come

Yes No objection

United Methodists

Heaven exists

Being in the presence of God

Body and spirit



Source: Adapted from Johnson, C. J., & McGee, M. G. (Eds.). (1991) . How different religions view death and afterlife. Philadelphia: The Charles Press.

Table 6–7 continued

Table 6–8 Cultural Traditions in Mourning and After-Death Rituals

Religion of Your Patient/Family

Rituals You May Observe When Death Occurs

American-Indian religions

Beliefs and practices vary widely Seeing an owl is omen of death

Buddhism Believe in impermanence Last-rite chanting at bedside Cremation common Pregnant women should avoid funerals to prevent bad luck for baby


152 ■ Chapter 6

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