National Origin of Your Client/Family Rites When Death Occurs

National Origin of Your Client/Family Rites When Death Occurs

Thailand (population 95% Buddhist) Belief in reincarnation

Tunisia (population 98% Muslim) Muslim rites

Vietnam (population 60% Buddhist, 13% Confucianist, 12% Taoist, 3% Catholic, 12% other)

Death at home preferred Body washed and wrapped in white sheets Burial in ground

Source: Adapted from Geissler, E. M. (1994). Pocket guide: Cultural assessment. St. Louis, MO: Mosby. This material was published in the Pocket Guide to Cultural Assessment, Elaine Marie Geissler, Copyright Elsevier (1994). Adapted from Lipson, J. G., Dibble, S. L., & Minarik, P. A. (1996). Cultural and nursing care: A pocket guide. San Francisco: UCSF Nursing Press. Used with permission.

Table 6–6 continued

Table 6–7 Religious Groups and Death Beliefs

Religious Group

Is There a Heaven?

What Is Heaven Like?

Belief in Resurrection?

Recognition of Friends and Relatives

Is Cremation Allowed?

Assemblies of God

Heaven is a real place

A pleasant place

Of the body Yes Not encouraged

Baha’is Heaven designates spiritual proximity to God

An eternal spiritual evolution of the soul

Spiritual Yes No

Baptists A place where the redeemed go

Filled with mansions and golden streets

Physical Yes Allowed but not encouraged

Buddhists Numerous heavens

It has no independent existence

No future time is foreseen

See living friends and relatives but are not seen


Churches of Christ

Dwelling place of God and future residence of the righteous

A realm of peace and love

Conscious- ness leaves body at death and takes rebirth until enlightened

Yes Permitted

Hindus A relative plane of existence to which souls go to after death

Dwellers in heaven enjoy long life and are free from thirst, hunger, and old age


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