Types of Corruption

Types of Corruption

a. Bribery takes place when a police officer accepts money or other payments in exchange for “favors”

b. Shakedowns occur when an officer attempts to coerce money or other goods form a citizen or criminal

c. Mooching takes place when a police officer accepts “gifts” such as cigarettes, liquor, or services in return for favorable treatment

B. Police Accountability

i. Due to the inevitability of excessive force, corruption, and other misconduct, someone must determine who is responsible for policing the police

ii. Internal Investigations

a. Investigations that are conducted by the Internal Affairs Unit within the police department itself

b. Internal Affairs Units are often resented, but police officers do prefer to settle disciplinary measures internally

iii. Citizen Oversight

a. Frustration over accountability led to the development of citizen oversight committees

b. People, not sworn officers, review allegations of police misconduct or brutality

iv. Surveillance and Police Misconduct

a. Digital video has placed police misconduct under a spotlight

b. Police agencies now monitor police behavior with cameras and audio

c. Police officers now also monitor their own behavior

Media Tool

“Internal Affairs: Protecting the Integrity of the Badge”

· https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RLjPZQ7jkk

· A short clip discussing best practices regarding internal affairs complaints.

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