Seventh-day Adventism

Seventh-day Adventism

Prefer prolonging life Euthanasia—no Autopsy, organ donation acceptable Disposal of body and burial—individual decisions

Source: Adapted from Lipson, J. G., Dibble, S. L., & Minarik, P. A. (1996). Cultural and nursing care: A pocket guide. San Francisco: UCSF Nursing Press. Used with permission.

Table 6–8 continued

HEALING Traditions ■ 153

Expressions of death and death rituals are also found in objects and me- morial stones. Figures 6–11 to 6–16 depict several objects and memorial stones that may be used.

■ Masks (Figure 6–11) represent methods people use to hide from the “Angel of Death.” Masks may also be placed on the face of the de- ceased. The mask is from Colombia.

■ Candles (Figure 6–12) are used by many people after a death as a way of lighting the way for the soul of the deceased.

■ Jade stone (Figure 6–13), from China, is placed in orifices of the body to block the entrance of evil spirits after death.

■ Ghost money, from China (Figure 6–14), is burned to send payments to a deceased person and to ensure his or her well-being in the afterlife.

■ Elaborate grave markings, such as this one, marking the burial site of Johnny Ramone in the Forever Hollywood cemetery, Los Angeles, California (Figure 6–15).

■ Monument in the Valley of the Temples, Honolulu, Hawaii. Food has been left for the deceased (Figure 6–16).

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