Scrutinize bills and account statements for unautho- rized transactions.

Scrutinize bills and account statements for unautho- rized transactions.

Request information about security procedures at doc- tors’ offices, businesses, educational institutions, and workplaces, such as who has access to databases, whether records are kept in a safe location, and how old files are disposed of.

Don’t carry a Social Security card in a wallet or write that number on a check. If it is requested in a business transaction, ask: “Why is it needed? How will it be used? What law requires that it be divulged? What measures are taken to protect this number? What will happen if it isn’t provided?” See if a substitute number can be used on a state driver’s license or for a health insurance policy.

Go to the trouble of opting out of telephone solicita- tions, direct mail lists, and preapproved credit card offers.

If scrupulously abiding by this lengthy list of “dos” and “don’ts” is not sufficiently reassuring, cautious persons intent on avoiding trouble can purchase identity theft insurance package plans.

If state law permits it, a cautious person can place a “freeze” on his or her credit files with each of the three major agencies, so that third parties cannot access the account or open a new one without permission to temporarily lift it.

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Concerned customers must pay a fee for this transaction, but the expense is waived for victims of identity theft. Those who have their ID stolen can also impose a “fraud alert” that compels potential creditors to notify victims about any applications for new credit cards or loans in their name.

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