Revising for Clarity

Revising for Clarity

2/21/18, 11:19 AMAplia: Student Question

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Revising for Clarity
Revising for Clarity

2. Revising for Clarity

Business writers appreciate messages that are clear and understandable. Proofreading and evaluating your work will help you compose messages that

are clear, concise, and direct. Revise for clarity by eliminating trite phrases, avoiding jargon and slang, and dropping cliché́s.

What can you do to express, not impress?

In order to sound businesslike, many writers use stale expressions. Which of the following are fresh, vigorous, and clear phrases. Check all that apply.

Avoid slang and jargon to achieve clarity.

Select the clearest options to complete the sentence.

Andy the .

Clichés are expressions that have become exhausted because of overuse. Read the following message, and identify the clichés.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for your ability to think outside the box. While it is easier said than done, you all fit the

bill and remain true to form by creating marketing campaigns that pass with flying colors. As we move on to the next assignment as

quick as a flash, remember that despite the turnaround speed of our projects, we can’t afford to shoot from the hip. We must stand our

ground and remain the exception to the rule, producing promotions that are better than new and good to go. Last but not least, please

save the date for our annual company BBQ on May 23.

Which of the following are clichés from the preceding message? Check all that apply.

Trust your writing skills to hide your lack of knowledge.

Keep it short and simple.

Make it long and complex.


Thank you

Thank you in advance

As per your request

At your request

Every effort will be made

Move on to the next assignment



2/21/18, 11:19 AMAplia: Student Question

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Grade It Now Save & Continue

Continue without saving

Choose the best revision of this unclear message.

Managers should be a ubiquitous presence in case they are needed.

Shoot from the hip

Fit the bill

Last but not least

Stand our ground

Thank you

First and foremost

Save the date

Better than new

Managers should be an omnipresent presence in case they are needed.

Managers should be available when needed.


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