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Research & Development

3.1.1 Positioning Costs Material costs are also driven by positioning (Figure 3.1). The higher the technology, the higher the cost. At the beginning of the simulation, the trailing edge of the Thrift segment has the lowest cost, at $1.00; the leading edge of the Nano and Elite segments have the

2 Scoring

Scoring occurs in two parts, the results of your Board Queries, and the results of your simulation, which are assessed via a Balanced Scorecard.

Comp-XM has 1000 possible points, 500 for your Board Query results and 500 for your Balanced Scorecard.

2.1 Board Queries

Board Queries are unique to each participant, although each question covers the same content. If a question applies to a product, the question might be posed about any of the products in the simulation.

Each simulation generates different numbers, so each question containing numbers varies by participant. Furthermore, product names and competitor assignments vary from participant to participant.

Here’s an example of a Comp-XM Board Query: You are asked

to fi nd the Net Margin for product Biff. Your classmate is

asked to fi nd the Net Margin for product Bold.

Both questions have the same level of diffi culty, but the

answers are based on different numbers.

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