Part 3: Relations with Colleagues

Part 3: Relations with Colleagues

The Situation In order to illustrate the importance of early trade in her world history class, Ms. Jeffries asks students

to bring snacks the next day of class to use in a simulation activity. Several students forget and Ms.

Jeffries sends them to the vending machine in the cafeteria at the very beginning of class to purchase

some. A short time later, Mrs. Daniels, an assistant principal, escorts them back to Ms. Jeffries room.

While still about 100 feet from the classroom Mrs. Daniels yells “Did you send these kids to the

cafeteria?” Ms. Jeffries acknowledges that she did and starts to explain when Mrs. Daniels remarks,

“Don’t you know that you aren’t supposed to send students out of the classroom for snacks? Don’t ever

do that again!” Ms. Jeffries’ students try to explain but Mrs. Daniels cuts them off. Once the students

are inside the classroom, Ms. Jeffries starts to give instructions for the activity, but she is fuming. She

was just reprimanded in front of her students.

Your Task In a paragraph or two explain how Ms. Jeffries should handle the situation. Be sure to consider the


1. Did Ms. Jeffries do anything inappropriate? If so, what should she have done instead?

2. Did Mrs. Daniels do anything inappropriate? If so, what should she have done instead?

3. According to guidelines of effective communication, what should Ms. Jeffries do next? Be

specific in how she should approach the situation and Mrs. Daniels

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