Effective Communication with Parents


Effective Communication with Parents

The Situation Brandon, a student in Ms. Jennings 7th grade science class, had his phone out during a major

exam. Ms. Jennings established testing procedures at the beginning of the year. Phones are to

be put away during tests and quizzes. All students are to place their phones in their backpacks.

Students know that – if they do not follow this rule – Ms. Jennings will take up their phone for

the duration of the class. If a student violates this rule twice, Ms. Jennings takes up the

phone, notifies the parent, and assigns a detention.

When Ms. Jennings calls Brandon’s mother, she explains the situation and that, when she

questioned him, he indicated to her that he knew he wasn’t supposed to have his phone out but

kept it anyway so he could check the time. The mother became upset that Brandon had

received a detention for this and sent the following email after the conversation.

I am highly disappointed in how this issue was handled with my son. I really believe the

teachers at this school are out to get him. It is evident by how you seemed happy to tell me

that Brandon was going to have a detention. It is obvious he does not understand the

seriousness of this. However, you all are so quick to punish him. Did anyone triple check if he

understood the penalties of having a phone? He did not engage in taking pictures or use it for

cheating. However, he was treated like he did. I disagree with after school detention.

Mrs. Jackson

Your Task Respond to Mrs. Jackson in a paragraph or two. Your response should reflect effective

communication skills such as setting aside judgement and remaining calm. You should address

her concerns and assert yourself through the values of the district.

You are expected to use professional language, spelling, and grammar.

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