National Origin of Your Client/Family

National Origin of Your Client/Family

Rites You May Observe Before, When, and/or After Birth

Cuba (population 85% Catholic) Avoid loud noises and looking at deformed people when pregnant Stay home for 41 days Breast-feeding BCG at birth

Egypt (population 94% Muslim) Sugar water and foods offered after 40 days Newborn swaddled Celebration held on seventh day of life

Ethiopia (population 45% Muslim, 35% Ethiopian Orthodox, 20% animist and other)

Pregnancy is a dangerous time because of evil eye Unfulfilled cravings may cause miscarriage Mother confined 14–40 days postpartum Father may not attend labor and delivery

France (population 90% Catholic) BCG at birth

Germany (population predominantly Christian)

Breast-feeding BCG at birth

Greece (population 98% Greek Orthodox)

Amulets may be placed on baby or crib BCG at 5–6 years

Haiti (population 80% Catholic, 10% Protestant, 10% Voodoo)

Avoid exposure to cold air during pregnancy May bury placenta beneath the doorway to the home or burn it Infants named after a 1-month confinement Nutmeg, castor oil, or spider webs may be placed on umbilical stump; bellybands may be used

India (population 83% Hindu, 11% Muslim, 6% other)

Cravings during pregnancy are satisfied Birth of son may be festively celebrated BCG at birth

Indonesia (population 88% Muslim) Many children valued Breast-feeding BCG at birth

Iran (population 98% Muslim) May place amulets on baby or in room BCG at birth

Iraq (population 97% Muslim) Fertility of five children rewarded May place amulets on baby or in room BCG at birth

Ireland (population 94% Catholic) BCG at birth Baptism at 40 days

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