National Origin of Your Client/Family

National Origin of Your Client/Family

Rites You May Observe Before, When, and/or After Birth

Israel (population 80% Jewish) Orthodox Jews do not allow men into labor and delivery Newborn vulnerable to evil during the first week of life—amulets used Male circumcision on eighth day of life

Italy (population 99% Catholic) Grandmother may want to give grandson his birth bath Amulets and/or medals may be placed on the baby or in room

Japan (population 84% Buddhist) Midwives may be used Mother may stay confined up to 100 days Mother may not shower or wash hair for a week

Jordan (population 95% Muslim) Mother has a 40-day confinement postpartum Males are circumcised on the seventh day Infant rubbed with salt and oil after birth and swaddled

Korea (South) (population 72% Buddhist and Confucianist, 28% Christian)

Father not present at birth Mother avoids exposure to cold and does not drink cold liquids Breast-feeding

Kuwait (population 85% Muslim) Breast-feeding Amulets used to prevent evil eye BCG at 31/2–4 years

Laos (population 85% Buddhist) Newborns not complimented to avoid evil spirits Colostrum believed to cause diarrhea BCG at birth

Malaysia (population 58% Muslim, 30% Buddhist, 8% Hindu)

Many birth taboos Amulets used Breast-feeding BCG at birth

Mali BCG at birth

Mexico (population 97% Catholic) Avoid cold air Be active to have a small, easy-to-deliver baby Coin may be strapped to navel to keep it attractive

Morocco (population 99% Muslim) BCG at birth

Netherlands Home births common

Table 6–4 continued

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