HEALTH Restoration

HEALTH Restoration

Coughs: honey and lemon; hot water and Vicks; boiled onion water, honey and vinegar Constipation: Ivory soap suppositories Cramps: ginger tea Earache: few drops of warm milk in the ear; laxatives when needed Fever: Mix whiskey, water, and lemon juice and drink before bed—causes person to

perspire and break fever Headache: Boil a beef bone and break up toast in the broth and drink Recovery diet: boil milk and shredded wheat and add a dropped egg—first thing eaten after an illness

Sore back: hot mustard plaster Sore throat: saltwater gargle Stye: cold tea-leaf compress Swollen glands or mumps: Put pepper on salt pork and tie around the neck

Iran (United States), Islam

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