Assignment 2;Writing Assignment Two

Assignment 2;Writing Assignment Two

Writing Assignment Two

Based on the theories you have learned, write a two-page, double spaced paper on the case provided to you. This assignment is to build upon the theories you learned in Module 1 and 2. This assignment will help you evaluate your knowledge of the concepts that you are expected to have learned during the course of these two modules. Your paper should discuss the elements of crime and recognize the origins of criminal behavior depicted in this case. Using two different views of crime and two different explanations of crime in the context of different criminological schools of thought/theory, explain why these teenagers committed these behaviors.

Be sure to review the grading rubric before starting this assignment. The contents of the paper should be tailored to fulfilling the requirements set out in the grading rubric. Video and Article Link: food

Three restaurant workers are accused of spitting in the food they were preparing for two uniformed, on-duty deputies at a restaurant in Okeechobee.

The incident happened on April 27 when the deputies stopped at the Highway 55 restaurant for dinner.

According to a news release, an anonymous person notified the restaurant owners about the incident.

The owner of the restaurant viewed the video footage of the incident, fired the three workers and contacted the Okeechobee City Police Department.

The three juvenile employees, two of which are 17 years old and one who is 16, are all high school students. They were charged with Florida’s food anti-tampering act, and battery on a law enforcement officer.

The food tampering charge is a first-degree felony, and the battery on a law enforcement charge is a third-degree felony.

The teens were transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The deputies were notified about the incident and did not require treatment.

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Assignment 2;Writing Assignment Two
Assignment 2;Writing Assignment Two

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