10 Victims of Rapes and Other Sexual Assaults

10 Victims of Rapes and Other Sexual Assaults

10 Victims of Rapes and Other Sexual Assaults
10 Victims of Rapes and Other Sexual Assaults

CHAPTER OUTLINE Sexual Assaults and Rapes: The Social Reaction

The Rediscovery of the Plight of Rape Victims

The Consequences of Being Sexually Assaulted

The Controversy Surrounding Questions of Shared Responsibility

“Real Rapes” as Compared to “Acquaintance Rapes” and “Date Rapes”

Victim-Blaming Viewpoints Victim-Defending Perspectives

Estimates of the Incidence, Prevalence, and Seriousness of Rape

Who Faces the Gravest Dangers? Differential Risks of Being Sexually Assaulted and Raped

How the Criminal Justice System Handles Rape Victims

The Controversy over Unfounded Accusations The Accuser Versus the Accused Unwanted Publicity and Negative Media Portrayals Rape Shield Laws Issues Surrounding Force and Resistance The Need for Corroboration

Rape Victims and the Police: Reporting Rates and Solution Rates

Rape Victims and Prosecutors Crisis Centers: Providing Emergency Assistance

The Rediscovery of More Victims of Rapes and Sexual Assaults

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assaults The Rediscovery of More Rape Victims

Sexual Assaults on Campus Maximalist Versus Minimalist Perspectives Addressing Sexual Misconduct on Campus

Sexual Assaults Within the Military Sexual Assaults Between Males Sexual Assaults Behind Bars Sexual Assaults Within Marriages

Three Competing Approaches to Reducing the Problem of Forcible Rape


Key Terms Defined in the Glossary

Questions for Discussion and Debate

Critical Thinking Questions

Suggested Research Projects

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