Your Results Lab Pass

Your Results Lab Pass


Daniel appears slightly tired, and has been coughing throughout the exam Vital signs stable Spirometer: FEV1: 3.15L FVC 3.91L/ 80.5% Head: Cervical lymph nodes enlarged and tender on right side; Sinus: no tenderness on frontal or maxillary eyes: pink in color, no discharge Ears: right ear redness and inflammed: no d/c nose: clear watery phlem, no odor Throat: oropharynix: cobberstone, redness with postnasal drip Lungs: CTA bilaterally: Breath sounds: clear bilaterally anterior and posterior. bronchophony: negative Chest: S1 and S2 audible, no murmurs or abnormal heart sounds

• General Survey: Fatigued appearing young boy seated on nurs station bench. Appears stable. • HEENT: Mucus membranes are moist, clear nasal discharge. Redness, cobblestoning in the back of throat. Eyes are dull in appearance, pink conjunctiva. Right Tympanic membrane is red inflamed. Right cervical lymph node enlarged with reported tenderness. • Cardiovascular: S1, S2, no murmurs, gallops or rubs. • Respiratory: Respiratory rate increased, but no acute distress. A to speak in full sentences. Breath sounds clear to auscultation. Negative bronchophony. Chest wall resonant to percussion. Expected fremitus, equal bilaterally. Spirometry: FEV1: 3.15 L, FV 3.91L (FEV1/FVC: 80.5%)

Your Results Lab Pass (/assignment_attempts/6699430/lab_pass.pd

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