What did you write, and when?

What did you write, and when?

Who were you writing for, and why were you writing? What did you hope to accom- plish?

What technologies did you use (a computer? a pen?), and how do you think using these technologies affected the way you wrote?

What kinds of planning did you do, if any, before you began writing the first draft?

If you discussed your ideas and plans with someone, how did discussing them help you? If you had someone read your draft, how did getting a response help?

If you rewrote, moved, added, or cut anything in your first draft, describe what you changed.

Did you write pretty much the way you usually do or did you do something differ- ently? If you did it differently, why did you make the change?

Were you satisfied with your writing process and with the final draft that resulted? What would you have changed if you had more time or knew what you know now?

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