Unresolved Staff Comments.

Unresolved Staff Comments.


Item 2. Properties.

In the U.S., we own and operate 23 manufacturing sites located in 17 different states. In addition, we own and operate 82 manufacturing sites in 36 other countries. Many of the domestic and international sites manufacture products for multiple businesses. Beauty products are manufactured at 22 of these locations; Grooming products at 18; Health Care products at 21; Fabric & Home Care products at 38; and Baby, Feminine & Family Care at 37. We own our Corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. We own or lease our principal regional general offices in Switzerland, Panama, Singapore, China and Dubai. We own or lease our principal regional shared service centers in Costa Rica, the United Kingdom and the Philippines. Management believes that the Company’s sites are adequate to support the business and that the properties and equipment have been well maintained.

Item 3. Legal Proceedings.

The Company is subject, from time to time, to certain legal proceedings and claims arising out of our business, which cover a wide range of matters, including antitrust and trade regulation, product liability, advertising, contracts, environmental issues, patent and trademark matters, labor and employment matters and tax. In addition, SEC regulations require that we disclose certain environmental proceedings arising under Federal, State, or local law when a governmental authority is a party and such proceeding involves potential monetary sanctions that the Company reasonably believes will exceed a certain threshold ($1 million or more). There are no relevant matters to disclose under this Item for this period. See Note 13 to our Consolidated Financial Statements for information on certain legal proceedings for which there are contingencies.

This item should be read in conjunction with the Company’s Risk Factors in Part I, Item 1A for additional information.

Item 4. Mine Safety Disclosure. Not applicable.

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