The Impact of Culture on Conservatism

The Impact of Culture on Conservatism

Review the case study “The Impact of Culture on Conservatism” at the end of Chapter 2 on pages 60 and 61. There are three total parts to this case study. However, you are only to focus on Part I, which discusses Professor Sidney Gray’s theory stating that “culture has an impact on a country’s accounting system through its influence on accounting values.” As your book indicates, Gray’s model can be illustrated as follows:

An image with three rectangles appears with arrows between each rectangle pointing from left to right. The rectangle on the left is labeled “cultural dimensions.” The rectangle in the middle is labeled “accounting values.” The rectangle on the right is labeled “financial reporting rules and practices.

In your initial post, discuss the implications for the global convergence of financial reporting standards raised by Gray’s model. Your initial post should thoroughly address the question prompt and be supported with research. Be sure to properly cite your reference(s). 



International Accounting Timothy Doupnik and Hector Perera McGraw-Hill Fourth Edition 2014 ISBN: 978-0-07-786220-6   ———>THIS IS THE TEXTBOOK TO REFER TO


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