The Health Belief Model

The Health Belief Model

The Health Belief Model (Figures 4–5A and 4–5B) is useful for transitioning from a discussion of health to that of illness. It illustrates the patient’s per- ceptions of health and illness and can be modified to reflect the viewpoint of health care providers. When implemented from the provider’s viewpoint, the material provides a means of reinspecting the differences between professional and lay beliefs and expectations. Forging a link between the two helps one bet- ter understand how people perceive themselves in relation to illness and what motivates them to seek medical help and then follow that advice.


Figure 4–5A Becker’s health belief model as a predictor of preventive health behavior. Source: Becker, M. H. (1974). The Health Belief Model and Personal Health Behavior. Thorofare, NJ: B. Slack.

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