Term 6 Unit 7 Discussions

Term 6 Unit 7 Discussions


*LM 2-Current Liabilities and Payroll (ACCT1105 Financial Accounting)

Top of Form

1. Explain your understanding of the following

a. Long-term liabilities

b. Current liabilities

c. Account payable

d. Notes payable

2. Define the concept of payroll and state why payroll is important

3. Explain the following:

a. Salary

b. Wages

c. Gross Pay

d. Net Pay

e. W 4

4. Explain the following:




d. Payroll Register

e. Employee Earnings Records

5. Explain the following the following Pension schemes:

a. Defined Contribution Plan-Give one example

b. Defined Benefit Plan-Give one example


Unit 7 DB: The view points inward (ENG130 Literature & Composition)


Yousafzai, Dickinson, and Ragab all incorporate unique perspectives in their words. In what perspective does the world see you? In what perspective do you see yourself?

It is important for you to develop an honest and unique perspective of yourself as you continue your journey through school, and through career changes or advancements.  Use this discussion board to gain some insight on how to present yourself to others.


Initial Response:

Choose one of the following interview questions from Indeed.com and respond to the question in two well-developed paragraphs (five or more sentences each). In your response be professional, academic, and honest.

a. What motivates you?

b. What are you passionate about?

c. What makes you unique?

d. What are your greatest strengths?

e. In what areas would you like to improve?

f. How would others describe you?


Unit 7 Discussion: Flotation Costs (FIN201 Principles of Finance)

Thinking about the definition of the term “flotation costs,” should we expect the flotation costs for debt to be significantly lower than those for equity?  Why or why not?  Please support your answer using supporting information from the chapters in this unit and the course.


Unit 7 DB: Why is Data Validation Important? (CIS250 Advanced Excel)

Read the article about Data Validation tips within Excel – Murray, A. (2018, March 10).  11 Awesome examples of data validation . How to Excel.

1. Why is data validation important?

2. Pick one of the data validation tips:

. How does this tip validate the input data?

. When and why would you use this tip?



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