Before we dive deeper into this topic, let’s begin by taking a moment to reflect on our own childhood play experiences. In this reflection, we will tap into one of our personal play memories by engaging in an exercise outlined within the  Play Today handbook (Links to an external site.) .

The Province of British Columbia (2019b) suggest:

“The experiences of children’s play have a profound impact on all areas of their growth and development. Memories of play can be vivid and detailed. These memories often have a treasured place in our hearts and minds” (p. 2).

In a notebook or word document, please work through and record your answers to the following prompts. You can also find these questions on page 15 of the Play Today handbook.

· What is your earliest memory of play?

· What occurred?

· Who else was involved?

· Were you fully and deeply engaged in play?

· How old were you?

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