School Data

School Data

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Class Data. . . . . . . . p. 7

Student Data. . . . p. 12

School Data. . . . . . p. 2

Data Analysis Guide This data analysis guide gives step-by-step instructions on answering your questions with suggestions on actions to take. Approaching your analysis this way helps have a clear starting point, helps you stay objective, and allows you to create an immediate action plan.



2 Data Analysis Guide

School Data

measures and grade-level proficiency?? How are students progressing toward

their growth

p. 5 report to use: diagnostic growth

in Online Instruction? ? How are students usi


g and making progress

p. 6 report to use: online instruction

between two Diagnostics?? How has student perform

ance changed

p. 4 report to use: diagnostic results

? What percentage of students is below or on/abo ve

grade level and who needs the most support? p. 3

report to use: diagnostic results

their placements? ? How can I group m

y students into tiers using

p. 3 report to use: diagnostic results

School Data

Select the question you want to answer:

Only applicable after more than one Diagnostic has been taken:

Online Instruction:



Report Criteria to Select

• Select the Diagnostic.

• Select your Placement Definition. For more information, see p. 20.

Report to Use

Diagnostic Results (School): Select Reading or Math.

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