Rough Cut / Fine Cut

Rough Cut / Fine Cut

Positioning Price, and Reliability work the same as they did at your last company. The segments drift every year. Rough cut and fi ne cut criteria still hold true for the Comp-XM industry. Your product designs must meet at least the rough cut criteria before earning sales.

4.3.1 Segment Locations As is in the larger sensor industry, the market segments in the Comp-XM industry move to the lower right. The outer rough cut circles measure 4.0 units; the inner fi ne cut circles measure 2.5 units. The segment centers for each round are listed in Table 4.3.

4.3.2 Price Price ranges in each segment have held steady for the past four years and will continue to do so for the next four years (Table 4.4). Customers want the price of their product to lie within the expected range. As the price moves outside the expected range, demand for the product begins to fall. For each dollar outside the range, demand falls 16.7%. When price reaches $6.00 outside the range, demand reaches zero.

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