Revenue Recognition

Revenue Recognition

Our revenue is primarily generated from the sale of finished product to customers. Those sales predominantly contain a single performance obligation and revenue is recognized at a single point in time when ownership, risks and rewards transfer, which can be on the date of shipment or the date of receipt by the customer. A provision for payment discounts and product return allowances is recorded as a reduction of sales in the same period the revenue is recognized. The revenue recorded is presented net of sales and other taxes we collect on behalf of governmental authorities. The revenue includes shipping and handling costs, which generally are included in the list price to the customer.

Trade promotions, consisting primarily of customer pricing allowances, merchandising funds and consumer coupons, are offered through various programs to customers and consumers. Sales are recorded net of trade promotion spending, which is recognized as incurred at the time of the sale. Most of these arrangements have terms of approximately one year. Accruals for expected payouts under these programs are included as accrued marketing and promotion in the Accrued and other liabilities line item in the Consolidated Balance Sheets.

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