TASK 1 The Texas Educator Code of Ethics: Read the instructions and both scenarios and write a paragraph of at least 1/2 page for each scenario, responding to the prompts. Answer the three questions at the end of each scenario, in which you* identify the behavior(s), if any, that you believe violate standards in the Educator Code of Ethics. You must cite the standard from the Code of Ethics, using the letter, number and exact language of the standard. * Explain your reasoning in the selection of the standard(s) or your reasoning if you believe no standards were violated. Additionally, *describe an alternate behavior that is detailed and appropriate to take in that situation. Use professional language, spelling and grammar in your response.


1. Scenario 1 Response:






















2. Scenario 2 Response:





















TASK 2 – Effective Communication with Parents: Read the scenario in part 2 regarding the parent communication. Respond to the parent in a paragraph or two. Your response should reflect effective communication skills such as setting aside judgement and remaining calm. Address the parent’s concerns and assert yourself through your values. Use professional language, spelling and grammar.

























TASK 3 – Effective Relations with Colleagues: Read the scenario provided and in a paragraph or two, describe how Ms. Jeffries should handle the situation. Read the questions following the scenario and incorporate your responses to the questions in the paragraph. Your response must be in the form of a professionally written paragraph.

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