Online Learning Modules and Assessments: Weeks 3 and 4

Online Learning Modules and Assessments: Weeks 3 and 4


1. Why is it important to have a classroom management plan? What are the most important elements that this plan should include?

A teacher needs to have a classroom management plan so that everyone can understand the types of behavior expected, and the consequences in case that behavior is not met. This allows for an efficient and safe learning environment.

The most crucial components of a classroom management plan include the rules, procedures and consequences in regards to classroom behaviors

2. How can procedures that are well developed and specifically taught reduce behavior problems?

Procedures should be created and students are informed of their meanings and purposes. That is, student should be informed why, where and when the procedure is needed. Also, they should be informed how the procedure should be implemented. Given that every student understands what is expected of him/ her in each situation, then there occur less instances of misbehavior among them

3. Name at least four things teachers should keep in mind when delivering positive or negative consequences.

i) Positive consequences are most effective when a teacher explains to his/ her students exactly what they correctly did

ii) If applied correctly, positive consequences can be just as powerful, or even more powerful compared to negative consequences in the prevention of unwanted behavior

iii) Negative consequences should be delivered with certainty to show students that the consequences are positive about the decision, and that their minds won’t be changed

iv) Negative consequences should be firmly delivered. However, the teacher should do this without anger. Also, the negative consequence must be linked to the negative behavior

4. Ms. Gardner teaches seventh-grade science. For the first time in her career, her room is equipped with several lab stations. Because of this, she plans to have her students perform more hands-on experiments. She is excited by this prospect but also concerned that her students will be disruptive as they go to their lab stations and work in small groups. She is also concerned that her students will get hurt if they are not careful at the lab stations. To alleviate her concerns, help Ms. Gardner:

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