Online assessment

Online assessment

Sierra, a student in Ms. Gardner’s science class, is shy and often anxious. However, when working with a partner at a lab station, she usually is very talkative. This disruptive behavior often results in her and her partner missing important teacher directions and not completing labs on time. Name at least two surface management strategies that Ms. Gardner could use to address Sierra’s disruptive behavior. Explain why you chose these strategies.

The major surface management strategies which Mrs. Gardner could apply to address Sierra’s disruptive behavior are:

i) Redirecting – it involves asking students to do tasks such as reading or answering questions. This ensures that a student’s attention is refocused.

ii) Planned Ignoring- intentional ignoring is applied when a teacher is convinced that a behavior such as tapping a pen will run its course, and that it will not disrupt others. It is very beneficial if the teacher understands the desires and personality of every student

Given the student’s behavior and personality, the teacher finds it effective in dealing with the behavior through the application of any of the surface management strategies indicated above

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