National Origin of Your Client/Family Rites When Death Occurs

National Origin of Your Client/Family Rites When Death Occurs

Egypt (population 94% Muslim) Muslim rites

Ethiopia (population 45% Muslim, 35% Ethiopian Orthodox, 20% Animist and other)

Muslim rites Loud wailing may be a normal grief reaction

France (population 90% Catholic) Chrysanthemums used exclusively for funerals

Germany (population predominantly Christian)

Crying in private is expected Cremation may be selected

Greece (population 98% Greek Orthodox)

May isolate dying person and withhold truth Death at home important Person buried; exhumed in 5 years and bones reburied in urn or vault Widow wears dark mourning clothes for rest of life

Haiti (population 80% Catholic, 10% Protestant, 10% Voodoo)

Burial in 24 hours White clothing represents death

India (population 83% Hindu, 11% Muslim, 6% other)

Non-Hindus ought not touch body; wash body themselves Cremation is preferred Reincarnation is a Hindu belief

Indonesia (population 88% Muslim) Muslim rites

Iran (population 98% Muslim) Muslim rites Mourning may be loud, obvious, and expressive

Iraq (population 97% Muslim) Muslim rites

Ireland (population 94% Catholic) Practice of watching or “waking” the dead originates from keeping vigil to keep evil spirits away from the deceased—now a religious ritual

Israel (population 83% Jewish) Relatives remain with dying person Eyes must be closed at death Body is never left alone Buried in ground in 24 hours except if Sabbath (Saturday)

Italy (population 99% Catholic) Before death, fatal diagnosis is not discussed with patient and family

Japan (population 84% Buddhist) Control public expressions of grief

Jordan (population 95% Muslim) Muslim rites

Korea (North) (population 95% atheist) Confucian funeral—elaborate Chief mourner and relatives weep

Korea (South) (population 72% Buddhist and Confucianist, 28% Christian)

Buddhists accept death as birth into another life

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