Narrative Description of Business

Narrative Description of Business

Business Model. Our business model relies on the continued growth and success of existing brands and products, as well as the creation of new innovative products and brands. The markets and industry segments in which we offer our products are highly competitive. Our products are sold in more than 180 countries and territories through numerous channels as well as direct-to-consumer. Our growth strategy is to deliver meaningful and noticeable superiority in all elements of our consumer proposition – product, packaging, brand communication, retail execution and consumer and customer value equation. We use our research and development and consumer insights to provide superior products and packaging. We utilize our marketing and online presence to deliver superior brand messaging to our consumers. We work collaboratively with our customers to deliver superior retail execution, both in-store and online. In conjunction with the above elements, we provide superior

value to consumers and our retail customers in each price tier in which we compete. Productivity improvement is also critical to delivering our objectives of balanced top and bottom-line growth and value creation.

Key Product Categories. Information on key product categories can be found in the MD&A and Note 2 to our Consolidated Financial Statements.

Key Customers. Our customers include mass merchandisers, e-commerce, grocery stores, membership club stores, drug stores, department stores, distributors, wholesalers, specialty beauty stores (including airport duty-free stores), high-frequency stores, pharmacies, electronics stores and professional channels. These customers sell our products to individual consumers. We also sell direct to consumers. Sales to Walmart Inc. and its affiliates represent approximately 15% of our total sales in 2021, 2020 and 2019. No other customer represents more than 10% of our total sales. Our top ten customers accounted for approximately 39% of our total sales in 2021, 38% in 2020 and 36% in 2019.

Sources and Availability of Materials. Almost all of the raw and packaging materials used by the Company are purchased from third parties, some of whom are single-source suppliers. We produce certain raw materials, primarily chemicals, for further use in the manufacturing process. In addition, fuel, natural gas and derivative products are important commodities consumed in our manufacturing processes and in the transportation of input materials and finished products to customers. The prices we pay for materials and other commodities are subject to fluctuation. When prices for these items change, we may or may not pass the change to our customers. The Company purchases a substantial variety of other raw and packaging materials, none of which are material to our business taken as a whole.

Trademarks and Patents. We own or have licenses under patents and registered trademarks, which are used in connection with our activity in all businesses. Some of these patents or licenses cover significant product formulation and processes used to manufacture our products. The trademarks are important to the overall marketing and branding of our products. All major trademarks in each business are registered. In part, our success can be attributed to the existence and continued protection of these trademarks, patents and licenses.

Competitive Condition. The markets in which our products are sold are highly competitive. Our products compete against similar products of many large and small companies, including well-known global competitors. In many of the markets and industry segments in which we sell our products, we compete against other branded products as well as retailers’ private-label brands. We are well positioned in the industry segments and markets in which we operate, often holding a leadership or significant market share position. We support our products with advertising,

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