My Core Professional Beliefs

My Core Professional Beliefs

Develop three core professional beliefs about the early childhood profession, early childhood education, and/or young children that are shaping your identity as an early childhood professional. Make sure you:

Explain the knowledge or practice that informs each of your beliefs, such as key contributors to the early childhood field; research about children and families; professional standards; professional ethics; and/or professional passion for positive social change. In other words, draw on the knowledge and commitment you have gained thus far in your professional journey.

Explain how each of your core beliefs informs, shapes, and/or influences your current practice and will inform, shape, and/or influence your future professional practice.

Relate at least one of your core beliefs directly to advocacy for positive social change for young children and families.

Note: You may choose to use any or all of the following prompts to guide you in writing your core beliefs:

I believe…

I believe this because…

This belief influences (will influence) my professional work by…

This belief is helping to shape my professional identity by…

Part 3: My Professional Interests and Recommended Resources

Share your interests and knowledge. Your website is an ideal place for demonstrating this aspect of professionalism. For this part of your website:

Identify at least two specific areas within the early childhood field that are of special interest to you. (Note: You may include as many areas of interest as you choose, but you are required to provide two.) These may be whole areas, such as infant and toddler development, or particular topics, issues, or trends within the field.

For each area of interest:

Briefly explain why it interests you. Aim to provide information that can interest others (e.g., if it’s controversial, briefly explain the differing views).

Provide links to at least two online resources, such as articles or websites, that have expanded your knowledge and that you also recommend to others, such as colleagues and/or families. (Note: You may provide more than two, but you are required to provide two resources and links per area of interest.)

Also, provide a brief description (i.e., one or two sentences) of the content of each resource, as a guide for visitors to your site.

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