More Than One Cost Driver

More Than One Cost Driver [LO4, LO5]



Verona Pizza is a small neighborhood pizzeria that has a small area for in-store dining as well offering takeout and free home delivery services. The pizzeria’s owner has determined that the shop has two major cost drivers—the number of pizzas sold and the number of deliveries made. Data concerning the pizzeria’s costs appear below:


In October, the pizzeria budgeted for 1,500 pizzas at an average selling price of $13.00 per pizza and for 200 deliveries.

Data concerning the pizzeria’s operations in October appear below:



· 1. Prepare a flexible budget performance report that shows both activity variances and revenue and spending variances for the pizzeria for October.

· 2. Explain the activity variances.

PROBLEM 9–22 Performance Report for a Nonprofit Organization [LO1, LO4, LO6]



The KGV Blood Bank, a private charity partly supported by government grants, is located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. The blood bank has just finished its operations for September, which was a particularly busy month due to a powerful hurricane that hit neighboring islands causing many injuries. The hurricane largely bypassed St. Lucia, but residents of St. Lucia willingly donated their blood to help people on other islands. As a consequence, the blood bank collected and processed over 20% more blood than had been originally planned for the month.

A report prepared by a government official comparing actual costs to budgeted costs for the blood bank appears on the following page. (The currency on St. Lucia is the East Caribbean dollar.) Continued support from the government depends on the blood bank’s ability to demonstrate control over its costs.


The managing director of the blood bank was very unhappy with this report, claiming that his costs were higher than expected due to the emergency on the neighboring islands. He also pointed out that the additional costs had been fully covered by payments from grateful recipients on the other islands. The government official who prepared the report countered that all of the figures had been submitted by the blood bank to the government; he was just pointing out that actual costs were a lot higher than promised in the budget.

The following cost formulas were used to construct the planning budget:



· 1. Prepare a new performance report for September using the flexible budget approach.

· 2. Do you think any of the variances in the report you prepared should be investigated? Why?

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