Major depressive disorder, recurrent, severe w/ psych

Major depressive disorder, recurrent, severe w/ psych SX [F33.3]: The causes of M.D. with psychotic features is usually unknown; however, a family history of depression or a psychotic disorder can increase the vulnerability of developing the disorder. Patient’s sister has a history of hallucination. Depressive disorders can occur with psychosis or without; thus, psychosis is not considered a determinant of depression severity. Growing evidence demonstrates no inextricable link between psychosis and depression severity (Zimmerman et al., 2019). Nevertheless, the DSM-5 criteria for MDD diagnosis require the occurrence of at least five symptoms over a period of 2 weeks. This includes; depressed mood, loss of interest, weight loss or gain, psychomotor agitation or retardation, insomnia or hypersomnia, feeling worthless, presence of death or suicidal thoughts, and reduced concentration or fatigue. In this case, the patient is has about eight symptoms present including, dysphoria, anhedonia. Besides, the patient reports one episode of psychosis. Therefore,this is also a probable diagnosis as the patient meets the criteria.

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