Develop key success factors, budget, and forecasted financials, including a break-even chart.

key success factors
key success factors

Develop key success factors, budget, and forecasted financials, including a break-even chart.

The other file doesn’t contain answers to this above question, I have given a sample answer for Pepsi below

Need to create the same for Coca cola



Key Success Factors

Key success factors for Pepsi are the competitive nature of its pricing, market position, financial position, product quality, and brand recognition. Pepsi holds an envied market position and its brand is recognized worldwide. Its product adheres the highest quality standards and is consistently priced competitively. Its financial position shows that it has strong earnings and capital resources which allow it to continually innovate and improve upon its offerings as well as engage in acquisitions activities. The strength of its brand cannot be understated. Consumers trust the Pepsi brand and most products produced under the Pepsi label. As such Pepsi, can leverage this brand recognition combined with its capital resources to improve its market position and product quality.


Budgets detail an organization’s income and expenses over a given period of time and allows the organization to assess the amount of money they will ultimately generate. Budgets are also used in planning and are tools used by decision makers when determining the amount of resources available to implement certain changes or engage in certain actions.

Segment/Expense Budget (in millions)

· Advertisements

· Graphic designs

· Events

· Public relations



· $10,195

· $532

· $425

· $1221



· Supplies

· Consultation services


· $15

· $21

Human Resources

· Consultation services

· Training

· Incentives


· $7

· $67

· $187


· Supplier relations

· Distributor relations

· Property – Fixed cost


· $1,085

· $1210

· $2250

Total $17312



Break-even is calculated by use of the break-even formula which is fixed cost/selling price-variable cost. Selling price is calculated by taking total cost multiplied by 1 + markup. Pepsi marks it product up by approximately 30% above its cost. The cost to produce a 12 ounce can of soda is $.47. Selling price is equal to .47(1+.3) = .47(1.3) = $.61. Fixed costs are identified as $2250 for properties and maintenance. Break-even = 2250/(.61-.47) = 16,071. Pepsi will need to sell 16,071 units of 12-ounce soda in order to begin making a profit.

Financial Forecast

According to NASDAQ, Pepsi is projecting quarterly growth of approximately 1.5% through September, 2018 (NASDAQ, 2017) with forecasted earnings growth of 6.32% as of December, 2017 and peaking at 9.41% December, 2019 with an average earnings growth of 7.37%. As of December, 2016 Pepsi reported revenues of $62.8 billion and using a partial pro-forma formula its revenue projections using the average earnings growth percentage of 7.37% is 62.8*(1+.0737) = 67.43 or $67.43 billion.

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