Journalizing transactions

Journalizing transactions

P2-30A Journalizing transactions, posting journal entries to T-accounts, and preparing a trial balance

Learning Objective 3, 4 Total Debits $55,900

Doris Stann started her practice as a design consultant on September 1,


During the first month of operations, the business completed the following


Sep. 1 Received $47,000 cash and gave capital to Stann.

Sep. 4 Purchased office supplies, $700, and furniture, $1,600, on account.

Sep. 6 Performed services for a law firm and received $1,400 cash.

Sep. 7 Paid $20,000 cash to acquire land to be used in operations.

Sep. 10 Performed services for a hotel and received its promise to pay the

$900 within one week.

Sep. 14 Paid for the furniture purchased on September 4 on account.

Sep. 15 Paid assistant’s semimonthly salary, $1,480.

Sep. 17 Received cash on account, $700.

Sep. 20 Prepared a design for a school on account, $700.

Sep. 25 Received $2,200 cash for design services to be performed in October.

Sep. 28 Received $2,600 cash for consulting with Plummer & Gordon.

Sep. 29 Paid $2,400 cash for a 12-month insurance policy starting on October

Sep. 30 Paid assistant’s semimonthly salary, $1,480.

Sep. 30 Paid monthly rent expense, $500.

Sep. 30 Received a bill for utilities, $400. The bill will be paid next month.

Sep. 30 Stann withdrew cash of $3,000.

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