Irwin Federman, general partner, US Venture Partners

Irwin Federman, general partner, US Venture Partners

“As the entire economy undergoes a fundamental phase change, in which both the organization and the workplace are being reinvented before our very eyes, a new generation of leaders will find in the deep insights and engaging stories of this updated edition of The Leadership Challenge the guidance they require.”

—Stephen Denning, author, The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management

“This classic has improved with age. Fresh examples and global cases make the fifth edition of The Leadership Challenge more relevant to more relationships than ever.”

—Tim Scudder and Michael Patterson, coauthors, Have a Nice Conflict

“Few leadership books stand the test of time, but The Leadership Challenge continues to show the path to being a leader of substance. Filled with great examples and rooted in rock solid research, it is a must-read for every leader.”

—John B. Izzo, author, Stepping Up




We have developed a mobile tool to work with the concepts and practices within this book that you can use to help yourself along on your leadership journey and development path. The Leadership Challenge Mobile Tool Lite app is free and works with the Take Action sections at the ends of chapters Two through Eleven, adding utility and functionality to the activities located there. The app allows you to immediately integrate some of these Take Action activities into your daily life, making them an ongoing and natural part of your behavioral and attitudinal repertoire. Features include the ability to create and track your own personal Take Action plan, create remind- ers, and share via social media.

The complete Leadership Challenge Mobile Tool is even more robust with everything in the lite version and additional features such as the ability to seamlessly request-and-receive feedback, email activi- ties, and use calendar reminders. It also has more content, including all of the Take Action activities in the book, videos of the authors, a concise overview of The Leadership Challenge model, daily inspira- tional quotes, and a news feed. Initially available in the Apple App Store and others to come, on an ongoing basis, we will develop this app to fit your needs.

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Irwin Federman, general partner, US Venture Partners
Irwin Federman, general partner, US Venture Partners

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