For this week’s case study, I will explore and break down the reading assignment for chapter tow of Cropf , et Al, “The Public Administration Casebook”. This chapter provides a clarification of the activities of the Social Security Administration (SSA), the foundation of the SSA, the handicap benefits process, a clarification of the customer support network and their endless supply of advantages and a the actualities of a case including a veteran looking for advantages who has as of late been denied benefits.














The Social Security Administration has “qualities of both a social welfare association and an average extensive government organization” ( Talleraas, (2019)). The organization has a strategy manual that traverses, anyway is portrayed as having the office objectives of “benefit, stewardship, dissolvability, and workers (Cropf, et Al, 2012). Workers inside the organization rate their work environment as seventh in general inside the national government and display an abnormal state of regard for each other. Workers react this way because of the acknowledgment that their work would in the long run impress each resident of the United States (Cropf, et Al, 2012).

There are three noteworthy projects managed by the SSA, incapacity protection, maturity and survivor protection, and standardized savings salary. The most used of these projects is handicap protection ( Talleraas, (2019)). In the course of recent years, SSA has encountered a stamped increment in applications for incapacity protection, saddling representatives and expanding caseload for specialists (Cropf, et Al,2012).

The procedure for applying for and fitting the bill for handicap protection can be a long and dull process. However, the Disability Determination Service is different in each state, along these lines making an alternate procedure for assurance of administrations for each state. The underlying criteria for capability incorporate a specific measure of set up business periods dependent on age, the incapacity itself must be relied upon to keep going for somewhere around a year, and the handicap must be extreme enough to take out work in any profession (Cropf, et Al, 2012). On the off chance that these criteria are met, the candidate is alluded to the SSA. Contribution from SSA specialists is essential at this progression of the procedure, here is the place the case manager must adjust the necessities of the office and the requirements of the candidate.

Much of the time, refusal happens very quickly and an interests procedure results. It is at this case when the case manager encounters distress, dissatisfaction, disarray , and outrage from the candidate (Cropf, et Al, 2012). It is now in its favor to enter the procedure and start to encourage the candidates. Promoters help candidates however the interests procedure and end up being granted near twenty-five percent of the advantages granted for back pay.

Vince Rogov entered the workplace of Mike Lawrence once his lawsuit was denied by the SSA Administration. At first the case appeared to be simple enough. Vince has past experiences of hypertension, heart failure, and back issues. These problems were legitimately recorded by doctors. Amid a meeting, Vince talked about emotional well-being issues he had encountered because of administration with the US military in Afghanistan (Cropf, et Al, 2012). Mike believed Vince’s law suit would profit by sufficient lawful portrayal and a progression of gatherings followed, initiating Vince to end up upset about the extended procedure. The commanding law judge that’s managing Vince’s case asked for Vince be available at the following trial or perception and when Mike addressed Vince about this demand, Vince savagely lashed out, saying he was going to shoot everybody the court hearing (Cropf, et Al, 2012). The following day Vince gave Mike his sincere apology, clarifying that he didn’t mean what he said before and referring to the extraordinary measure of pressure the procedure has caused on him (Vince) (Cropf, et Al, 2012). Mike contemplated the circumstance, considering Vince’s ongoing emotional wellness issues, and was not persuaded of Vince’s statement of regret (Crpf, et Al, 2012).



For this situation, the choice to deny Vince inability protection was made by the SSA. Vince settled on the choice to advance the choice made by SSA and Vince likewise chose to hold the help of Mike Lawrence, a promoter acquainted with the application procedure. Mike settled on the choice to look for lawful portrayal and a managerial law judge requested Vince to be available at a court hearing. Vince chose the entire procedure was not moving rapidly enough and chose to undermine to shoot everybody in the meeting when his quality was asked for by the judge. Vince then chose to apologize to Mike just before the conference, referring to the extraordinary measure of pressure set on him by the whole procedure. Mike was uncertain of his feeling about Vince’s conduct was uncertain how to continue going into the meeting (Cropf, et Al, 2012).

For this situation, Mike has a moral commitment to illuminate the regulatory law judge concerning the dangers, anyway he likewise has a moral commitment to look for psychological well-being help for Vince. This definitely achieved an emotional well-being assessment for Vince, conceivably realizing more doctor verification affirming Vince’s requirement for incapacity protection endorsement. This can bring about criminal allegations for Vince too.


The Social Security Administration is a common beneficial association and an expansive government office. This achieve specific bureaucratic complexities that make application for administrations a long and dreary process. Much of the time, incapacitated individuals are the ones battling for these administrations and many don’t comprehend the procedure. Regularly, candidates are at first denied and should utilize a backer who knows about the procedure the help with engaging the forswearing choice. The distance of these procedures can be long and cause significant worry in the lives of the candidate, bringing about conditions compounding, both restoratively and monetarily. For this situation, Vince might conceivably end up in a bad position and further refusal of advantages, by just enabling his dissatisfactions to bamboozle him.















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Talleraas, C. (2019). Reconciling transnational mobility and national social security: what say the welfare state bureaucrats?. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies45(1), 151-169.

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