Identify screening instruments for anxiety and depression

Please choose two questions each from each discussion questions for a total of 6 questions you are familiar with and include 2-3 references. Please know that it is just short answers. Please zero plagiarism.


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Discussion Questions

1. Identify other ways to encourage medication compliance in a patient with a paranoid personality disorder.

2. Identify other alternative therapies that will be beneficial in managing an individual with a paranoid personality disorder.

3. Identify one other type of psychotherapy that will effectively manage paranoid personality disorder.


Discussion Questions / Prompts:


1. Distinguish anxiety disorders and their common symptoms, specifically panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder


1. Identify screening instruments for anxiety and depression


1. Demonstrate understanding of the pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments for panic and anxiety disorders


Discussion Questions:

1. Would you have another differential diagnosis for this patient? If yes, why?

2. Would you recommend any other medications for the patient? What is your rationale?

3. What other therapy would you have recommended for the patient and his family?

Participants: Review the Grand Rounds Participant Rubric to ensure you meet the scoring criteria. Rubric is enclosed.

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