Human Resources

Human Resources

3.5.1 Recruiting Investing in recruiting a better quality employee increases productivity and decreases turnover, which will reduce your labor

highest costs, at $9.25. Positioning material costs decrease 3% to 4% per year.

3.1.2 MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) Each 1,000 hours of reliability (MTBF) adds $0.30 to the material cost. A product with 20,000 hours reliability includes $0.30 * 20,000/1000 = $6.00 in reliability costs.

3.2 Marketing

3.2.1 Promotion Budget Promotion expenditures reach diminishing returns at $3,000,000 for each product. Promotion buys awareness. You lose one third of your old awareness each year. Your promotion budget replaces lost awareness, and if the budget is high enough, makes gains towards 100% awareness. When a product reaches 100% awareness, promotion budgets of about $1,400,000 are needed to maintain it.

3.2.2 Sales Budget Sales budgets buy segment accessibility. Although you budget by product, any product within the segment’s fi ne cut contributes to accessibility. Diminishing returns are reached at a budget of $3,000,000 for each product. Diminishing returns in the segment, however, are not reached until $4,500,000. You need at least two products in the segment’s fi ne cut to reach 100% accessibility. You lose one third of your old accessibility each year. Your sales budgets replace lost accessibility, and if the budgets are high enough, make gains towards 100% accessibility. When a segment reaches 100% accessibility, sales budgets of about $3,300,000 are needed to maintain it.

Sales budgets also allocate the time spent by the sales force selling the product. The higher the budget, the more time the sales force gives to the product. This can be useful if you wish to emphasize one product over another within the same segment. For example, if you are splitting a combined $4,000,000 sales budget between two products, you might spend $3,000,000 with one and $1,000,000 with the other. Your salespeople would emphasize one product over the other.

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