human objectivity

what do you mean there’s no human objectivity?

A rock is a rock. I see it with my eyes.” Yes, you see a rock, but the meaning, placement, and function of the rock is dependent upon human subjectivity—what you believe about what a rock is and where it should be; what you have been taught about rocks. For example, when is a rock an expensive gem and when is it something you toss aside to clear a path? When does a rock add beauty to your home and when does it make your home dirty?

In this book, our goal, rooted in Critical Theory, is to increase our readers’ understanding of these factors:

Different levels of thinking: opinion versus critical thinking, layperson versus scholarly Political and ideological aspects of knowledge production and validation Historical context of current social processes and institutions Process of socialization and its relationship to social stratification Inequitable distribution of power and resources among social groups

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