Hispanic or Latino Origin and Race 2000 2010

Hispanic or Latino Origin and Race 2000 2010

Health care providers are entangled in the revolutionary consequences of the enormous demographic, social, and cultural changes that have occurred in the United States. Many of these changes are playing a dramatic role both in the delivery of health care to patients, their families, and communi- ties, and in the workforce and environment in which the provider practices. Table 3–1 demonstrates the growth of the emerging majority—people of color—that constituted 30.9% of the population in 2000; grew to 36.3% in the 2010 census (Humes, Jones, Ramirez, 2011 p. 6). The comments and data presented in this chapter are designed to provide you with an impression of the demographic features, derived from Census 2010 and other recent data from the Census Bureau and recent immigration, labor, and economic backgrounds of the American population.

Table 3–1 Population by Hispanic or Latino Origin and by Race for the United States: 2000 and 2010

Hispanic or Latino Origin and Race 2000 2010

Total population 281,421,906 308,745,538

Percentage of Total Population

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