Garlic and onion.

Garlic and onion. Figure 5–13 Chachayotel.

HEALTH Traditions ■ 101

with a cleft hoof and that chew cud can be consumed. Examples of this kind of animal are cattle and sheep. Many of the dietary practices, such as the avoid- ance of pig products, are also adhered to by Muslims and the meats are halal, sanctioned by Islamic law. Jews also believe that milk and meat must never be mixed and eaten at the same meal.

In traditional Chinese homes, a balance must be maintained between foods that are yin or yang. These are eaten in specified proportions. In Hispanic homes, foods must be balanced as to “hot” and “cold.” These foods, too, must be eaten in the proper amounts, at certain times, and in certain combinations. There are also foods that are consumed at certain times of the week or year and not during other times.

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