From Not Him by Wopko Jensma

‘From Not Him’ by Wopko Jensma

Read ‘From Not Him’ on page 228 of Seasons Come to Pass. Also read the short biography of

Wopko Jensma provided above the poem.

1. From whose perspective is this poem written? Who is the poem about?

2. Explain what the statements in lines 1-7 suggest about this person.

3. Lines 9-11 introduce a contrasting view on the subject of the poem. How is this




4. This poem was written and published during apartheid, when people in South Africa were

strictly segregated based on their race. If we read ‘From Not Him’ as a kind of protest

poem, what comment do you think the poem is making about South Africa? Your answer

should be informed by your analysis of the poem.

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